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It starts with one

It’s been 48 hours since A Gent’s Remit introduced its very first product to the world wide web.

People with beards, people without beards, people trying to grow beards and people called Bryan have all wished this new venture well. Some even hearted on Facebook. Ma-Ti from Captain Planet will be very proud.

A Gent’s Remit is one idea. A relatively straight forward one at that – making great products that empower men to groom to their full potential, take pride in their skin and embrace their awesome beardliness.

Where it differs from others selling similar products is its, er … remit. One's remit is their area of responsibility and activity - it’s what they do. A Gent’s Remit has an inherent social conscience, supporting charitable causes in Aotearoa and abroad that make a tangible difference to those in need.

For every purchase made A Gent’s Remit donates $1 dollar to two incredible charities – Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust and charity: water. Our hope is that by men buying the beard and skin care products they need, people experiencing distress or going without clean drinking water will get the help they need.

48 hours ago, we made a start. One idea that has taken many months to develop has finally seen the light of day.

Then, amongst the afterglow of launching the website and publishing on Facebook, something very cool happened. We got our first customer. Someone thought this idea was worth parting with their hard-earned cash.

Who knows how far this one idea will go? We hope more people will support this new venture so it is viable. We will certainly do what we can to make it the best it can be.

But if actioning this one idea helps one bearded wonder, who in turn helps one person with depression or one person drinking water that makes them sick, then it will have all been worth it.

It starts with one.


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