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What is beard balm anyway and why use it?

Like beard oil, beard balm is a conditioning product that moisturises and nourishes beard hair and the skin underneath. The key differences between the two are the form they take (liquid vs solid) and that beard balms provide hold for styling and shaping.

Beard balm has three key ingredients – butters, waxes and oils.

Shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter are some of the more commonly used butters in beard balm. These butters have excellent moisturising, nourishing and softening properties, and their thick texture coats beard hair and skin with a protective layer.

Beeswax and other waxes give beard balm its hold. Beewax is found in most beard balms and helps lock in moisture, gives beard hair shine and prevents dirt and dust from getting into the beard and drying out skin.

Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil are carrier oils typically used in both beard balm and beard oil, and have excellent moisturising and strengthening properties.  Many beard balms will also contain small amounts of essential oils to provide fragrance.

What to look for in a beard balm

Avoid beard balms that use synthetic ingredients and fragrances as these do more harm than good. Look for a beard balm with only natural and organic ingredients, your beard will thank you!

An important thing to look out for is how the beard balm is produced, as this can greatly affect the look and feel of the product. The butters, oils and wax in beard balm all have different melting points, and if the butters in particular melt and cool too slowly, this can make the balm grainy or gritty. 

A Gent’s Remit uses rapid cooling as part of the production process that gives our beard balms a superior consistency and texture compared with melt and pour alternatives. (blog continues below)

Why use beard balm?

Beard balm combines the right amount of butters, oils and wax to moisturise, condition and protect beard hair and the skin underneath. It also provides hold for styling and shaping, which is perfect for taming flyaway hairs.  As such bearded wonders with medium to long beards may favour beard balm over beard oil.

Beard oil provides instant moisture and nourishment, whereas the ingredients and properties of beard balm provide a slower release, leave-in conditioning effect. Again, men with medium to long beards in particular benefit from this, as the longer the beard grows it becomes more difficult for the body’s natural sebum oil and applied beard oil to reach the ends of the hairs. Applying beard balm to the ends of your beard hairs will nourish and protect where oil may struggle to get to.

Can I use beard oil with beard balm?

This leads to a natural question – should you use beard oil or beard balm or both?

In our humble opinion beard oil and beard balm can and should be used together. Beard oil is the OG of beard care products for a reason – it can be quickly and easily applied throughout your beard and will penetrate deep into the skin underneath. Beard balm has all the benefits and properties above.

If used together adjust the quantities of each product applied, otherwise your beard may feel too oily and thick. For instance, if you typically use 4 or 5 drops of beard oil but want to start using a beard balm as well, suggest dropping the beard oil down to 2 or 3 drops. Apply the beard oil first, as the protective layer of the beard balm will prevent the absorption of beard oil.

Everyone is different though. You may find yourself naturally leaning towards one product or the other. The main thing is to find a product that works for you and your beard and use it regularly!

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