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What is beard oil anyway and why use it?

Whether you are just starting out on your beard journey, or have a beard that makes ZZ Top weak at the knees, beard oil helps your beard look and feel its very best.

Growing and having a beard is marvelous. Like anything though you need to look after it. This is where beard oil comes into the equation.

Beards need to be cleaned and moisturised regularly to prevent beard itch and the dreaded beardruff. A lack of care can also lead to beard hair being dry, brittle and coarse, and generally making you look like a hobo. Using beard oil moisturises and softens beard hair, conditions the skin underneath, and helps to shape one’s beard.

What is beard oil?

Let’s start with beard oil itself and briefly discuss what is in it. Beard oil is a mix of two types of oils – carrier and essential.

Carrier oils make up the lion share of the beard oil mix and provide the moisturising, softening and conditioning qualities. Carrier oils such as Jojoba are very similar in property to the natural sebum oil that everyone’s skin produces (this is important as you’ll find out below). A Gent’s Remit uses a combination of Jojoba, Argan, Hemp Seed and Kukui oils as carriers in our beard oils.

Essential oils add fragrance to beard oil. These oils are a small part of the beard oil mix by volume but they are mighty. They give beard oil a unique scent as well as providing a range of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Avoid beard oils that use synthetic ingredients and scents as these do more harm than good. Look for a beard oil with only natural and organic ingredients.

Why use beard oil?

A beard goes through a lot. Day to day grime clogs pores and can damage hair and skin. Washing with harsh and abrasive products can strip the beard of sebum.

Replacing the moisture that the beard and skin loses during the course of the day is key. As mentioned above, carrier oils such as Jojoba are very similar in property to the sebum oil our skin naturally produces. Applying beard oil replaces the lost sebum oil in the skin and conditions the beard hair, leading to a healthier and fuller looking beard. Using beard oil reduces skin irritation, prevents beardruff and helps your beard grow to its full potential.

Beard oil is also great at taming fly away hairs and shaping your beard. Use beard oil everyday to keep your beard looking and feeling great. It smells nice too.

Visit our FAQ page for more information including how and when to apply beard oil.


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