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Why buy from us?

With so many bearded products available on the market you may be feeling a little overwhelmed when making your next beardy purchase. You may be asking "Why us"? Why put your hard earned cash into the hands of A Gents Remit over another brand? The products look good, the scent profiles sound nice. But what makes A Gent's Remit different?

We believe in our products and absolutely think you should too. We believe that we have created a range of Beard Oils that meet the current demand for high-quality grooming products for men. We have taken great care in the creation and trialing of our Beardy Six to get the unique oil blends just so. Our scent profiles are designed to be pleasant and inviting while not being too overbearing. We don't know about you but some of the alternate products we have tried have been a bit too overbearing for what we believe to be the perfect level of scent for everyday wear for a kiwi bloke.

What makes our products top quality? Because at A Gent’s Remit, we put the best natural raw ingredients in to our products so that you can enjoy a premium product. We only use natural ingredients and where possible use organic. Our ingredients are sourced from a trustworthy New Zealand supplier, who are committed to supplying smaller businesses with the same quality ingredients you would expect from bigger brands. They work closely with their national and international suppliers to ensure quality assurance, making sure the ingredients we use meet the industry standards and therefore yours. You won't find any synthetic fragrances here, only scents as nature intended. Our supplier cares deeply about sustainability and also shares our charitable focus.

Buying New Zealand made! When you support us you are supporting a small family business in the heart of North Canterbury. We understand that right now especially we are facing financially tough times. Consumers are rightly becoming much more considerate of where their money is being spent as well as understanding and appreciating the environmental and social impact of who they chose to purchase from. Buying from A Gent's Remit helps to promote the local economy.

Purchasing from us also supports our chosen charities and the charities of our suppliers, meaning that the giving continues once your purchase is complete. Every purchase made contributes to charities that are dedicated to reducing suicide in Aotearoa and committed to bringing clean water to the world's most vulnerable.

That's why we here at A Gent's Remit want to reassure you that when choosing us for your bearded skin care needs you are purchasing with more than just your wallet. Check out our shop here.

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