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About Us

Remit: noun. Responsibility, interest, mission, sphere of activity. One's remit is their area of responsibility and activity. It’s what they do.

A Gent’s Remit started with a simple premise. Make high-quality male care products that empower men to groom to their full potential. We want to see gents embrace their awesome beardliness, take care of their skin and look good as they head out the door to be the everyday heroes they are.

But it is more than that. A gentleman takes care of their appearance, that’s a given, but also has a concern for the world around him and a responsibility to help those in need. This is their remit.

A Gent’s Remit has an inherent social conscience. We support charitable causes in Aotearoa and abroad that make a tangible difference to those in need. For every purchase made, $1 dollar is donated. Purchasing from A Gent’s Remit will leave you looking and feeling good.

Our products are made in Aotearoa from natural and organic ingredients. They smell nice, are simple to use and only tested on real live human beings. Not dead ones. And certainly not animals.

Take a look around. We have a range of products to help tame and take care of your face mane (or the one being sported by the bearded wonder in your life). It’s as easy as pie to purchase the care products you need and we would love to hear what you think of them.

Care for you and help care for others.

It’s what we do, gents.


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