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Can beard oil change a life?

It will be no surprise to hear that we think our products are pretty damn good. Our range of beard oils will keep that beard looking and feeling its best while smelling exquisite. Probably a bit of a stretch to say they are life-changing though.

The term life-changing gets banded around a lot these days. From using it to describe a new food, the latest app or a freshly discovered life hack, it is often used completely out of context.

For many people around the world, having clean and safe water to drink is a wild dream. This includes some of the most vulnerable children in Asia, Africa and the Pacific, who often have no choice but to drink water that makes them sick. To have access to clean water would be truly life-changing for them, their family and community.

So can beard oil change a life like clean water can? No. But it can help provide clean and safe water to those who need it. For every purchase made, A Gent's Remit donates $1 to charity. One of the charities we support is World Vision who reaches one person with clean water every 10 seconds.

With everything that is going on in the world, we thought providing clean water to a child in need was a good idea. So instead of splitting our latest charity donation, we gave it to World Vision.

Clean water brings life.

Our gift of $45 is not significant on face value and certainly won't trouble the accountant. But it will provide clean water for one child in poverty whose wild dream will soon become a reality. It is the collective effort of people in the past month or two buying beard oils and beard face masks and wanting to make a difference.

Thank you all for making this possible. Thank you for helping to change a life.

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