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Looking after your beard in winter

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Winter is not kind on your beard. Icy winds, cold temperatures and low humidity all combine to dry out beard and skin. The change in season can bring itchiness and beardruff, weaken beard hair and leave beards looking an absolute mess. Here are some easy tips to help improve beard health over the winter months.

Cut back on the shampoo. Aim to use it no more than twice a week. Shampoo strips away natural oils and much needed moisture. Using shampoo too often can damage beard hair and leave it dry, fizzy and generally rather wild. Between shampoo days gently rinse your beard in the shower to clean it. Gently work the water through your beard to remove any grim.

Use beard oil. After showering moisturise your beard with a good beard oil. This will replace moisture lost during showering and your day-to-day activities. Make sure to use a little more than normal after using shampoo. If your beard is feeling dry during the day don’t be afraid to apply beard oil a second time. Beard oil is the best all-around product for your beard. It moisturises and softens beard hair, conditions the skin underneath, and eliminates beard itch caused by dry flaky skin.

Have colder showers. Huh? It is winter, you know its cold right? Hot water strips the beard and skin of natural oils and can cause brittle beard hair and dry out skin. The cooler the water temperature the better for the condition of your beard and skin. Using cold water instead of hot will seal the hair's outermost layer, the cuticle, and keep moisture in. If you can’t face the thought of a cold shower leave washing your beard, face and hair until the end and use cold water for this part only.

Dry well. Pat dry your beard after a shower instead of rubbing with a towel. Ditto if you get soaked in a rain shower. Rubbing your beard hair can cause split ends and irritation. Beards are great water traps. Drying well after showering will prevent water sitting in your beard to dry naturally, taking moisture away as it evaporates and leaves trace minerals.

Make friends with a good comb. Regular combing has a number of benefits for your face mane. Firstly, combing your beard after applying beard oil will help get the oil right to the tips of your hair and skin and spread it evenly throughout your beard. Secondly, it will keep your beard clean by removing things such as food particles. Thirdly, regular combing will help your beard remain neat and look fuller.

Cover your beard. If you are spending time outside on really cold days, consider wearing a snood or beard-friendly face mask. Shielding your beard from the winter elements will help prevent your beard from drying out.

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